3 must-see places in Sertã council


1 - Moinho das Freiras

11 minutes from Hotel da Montanha you can find Moinho das Freiras. In a tight path with curves and curves that only the bravest will do. At the end of the route you will find a valley through which the river flows slowly, with crystal clear water and a picnic area. This is a quiet and little-known area so you can escape the crowd that joins in more known river beaches or on walkways.

Imagine yourself enjoying your afternoon in this wonderful place:






We guarantee that the sound of the river running slowly will make you relax completely. Click here and find out where this little paradise is.



2 - Picnic Park, Island

The picnic area is 14 minutes from the Hotel da Montanha. With the possibility of access by car, 4x4 or on foot, after going through a dirt track you will arrive at a small picnic park isolated from the rest of the world where nature takes over the place.

You can enjoy your meal in a calm and relaxed way with your whole family.




To have a quick access to the location just click here.



3 - Trízio River Beach

Just 34kms away from the Hotel da Montanha you can find the Praia Fluvial do Trízio. A vast river beach where maintaining social distance will not be a problem and with the typical calm of the Zêzere River. In the area you can find a place to eat a beautiful ice cream that goes well with any trip to the beach.




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