And because the weather is getting hotter, how about a dive in the river?


Yes, there are also excellent beaches in the wonderful interior that our country has. Come explore the beaches of our interior and bring the kids, we promise everyone will love it!


  1. Albufeira do Cabril

Cabril Dam, Pedrógão Grande

On the border between the municipalities of Sertã and Pedrógão Grande, on a line that separates the districts of Leiria and Castelo Branco, this dam is the perfect destination to improve the best that the river Zêzere has to offer. In the reservoir, the result of one of the largest dams in the country, there is also the Nautical club of Pedrógão Grande, which offers boat, canoe and kayak trips. The site also has an access ramp for boats with capacity for about 20 boats. Fishing, especially for largemouth bass, is another possible activity in this location, also known for participating in triathlon competitions.




  1. Fragas de São Simão

Casal de São Simão, Figueiró dos Vinhos

The beach is 15 minutes away on foot (by footpath) from the village of Casal de São Simão. The water of the Ribeira de Alge, which passes on the way to the Zêzere, is so clear that you can see the small stones in its interior. The abundance of laurels and cork oaks gives the air a comforting fragrance and the green of the surrounding mountains, which lead us to the Lousã mountains, envelops us in a beautiful setting. On site, there is a viewpoint so that you can fully enjoy the landscapes of the area. The river beach is located between two imposing cliffs, where climbing is practiced with several equipped routes, rappel or slide. The “smallest” stones are used as a solarium or diving board.





  1. Mosteiro

Mosteiro, Pedrógão Grande

A beach that is also part of the Aldeias de Xisto, bathed by the Pera river. It has large green spaces, an extensive water area and a small waterfall with a stream, perpendicular to the river area. The pine forests are tall and dense, providing very cool and pleasant shades. This river beach offers its visitors a range of cultural and sporting activities.




  1. Ribeira Grande


River beach framed in a vast urban area with several leisure and sports resources for the whole family. Being located in the center of the village, this beach allows its visitors beautiful urban and cultural walks. It has a bar with terrace, bicycle parking, leisure area, parking and picnic area with grill.




  1. Rocas

Castanheira de Pera

A Leisure, entertainement and amusement complex located on a lake almost a kilometer long, right in the heart of Castanheira de Pera. An island in the center of the beach, a wave pool (the largest in the country), a reservoir and a centuries-old bridge create a special environment where you can enjoy waves… 80 kilometers from the Atlantic coast.In the clear waters of the Ribeira de Pera, you can also take a rowboat or pedal boat ride.




  1. Troviscal


Isolation, calm and contact with nature are the charms of this beach, located on the Troviscal bridge, in the middle of Sertã river, far from any location. The bathing unit has a bar, restrooms with easy access for people with physical disabilities and boats for hire. In addition to the support bar, the beach has a picnic area, with several tables, benches and a barbecue. The space was developed with children in mind, through the implementation of a shallow river area and a small playground.




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