Come meet the Zêzere River


Starting at Serra da Estrela and ending at the Tagus, in Constância, the Zêzere River is about 1900m high and 242km long, making it the second largest river in Portugal alone. This starts in Beira Alta, runs through Beira Baixa and ends in Ribatejo, following the banks of the mountains where the Schist Villages are located, with the river covering the villages of Álvaro, Barroca, Janeiro de Baixo, Janeiro de Cima, Mosteiro and Pedrógão Pequeno . Between the villages of Janeiro de Cima and Álvaro, the Zêzere ceases to be considered a river and passes into the stillness of Albufeira (Cabril dam), where it rests before continuing its descent.

The Zêzere is responsible for most of the activities that depend on the use of water on the south slope of Serra da Estrela, such as livestock, use as a beach and other recreational purposes, such as dams, among others.

Take the opportunity to see this river live. At Hotel da Montanha there are several activities that can be carried out on this river. Come and discover this charming river while enjoying your well deserved vacation!




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