Do you feel tired, without energy and fed up with the routine?


Increasingly the practice of physical exercise and health care are valued, and the search for outdoor spaces and in contact with nature are at the forefront.


We are going through a period of great uncertainty, but we are sure of one thing: When you go through this phase, this is the ideal place to avoid large crowds and strengthen immunities!


Allied to the natural beauty of the region, there are several outdoor activities that you can do as a family, with your partner or even alone. Get in the car and head here, where you can breathe fresh air, and relax from the daily routine that is sometimes stressful and tiring.




In this region, Nature is present at every step. That is why you cannot miss the Schist Paths. Pedestrian and short routes starting and ending at the same point in the villages. In the past, shepherds, millers, farmers, miners used these paths to perform their jobs. These routes are signposted, and have different levels of difficulty, all of which are marked so that you can do them independently.


                          Percursos Pedestres


There are also, for the more adventurous, some trails that allow you to be in contact with Nature in its purest state. To do running or cycling, there are 4 trails (Trail of the Vultures, Ultra Trail of the Vultures, Trail of the Mountain Villages, Trail of the Forest of the Kings) in a total of 90km of trails with 4 levels of difficulty.


                          Percursos de Bicicleta


To relax, have fun with the family or practice water sports, there are some river beaches at your disposal, for example the River Beach of Albufeira do Cabril. Here you will have the opportunity to go canoeing, kayaking and even boat trips on the Zêzere river. At Praia Fluvial do Mosteiro you can enjoy the tranquility of nature and go “bathing”. Surrounded by green spaces and bathed by the Pera stream, it benefits from a good water area with a small waterfall as well. There are two options, of the several that exist, where you can spend quality time with your family.




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