Pedrógão Pequeno - Schist Village

Schist Villages 

 Pedrógão Pequeno
The Jewel of Beira Baixa
A white, granite village in the sea of ​​brown schist surrounding it. Next to the Zêzere River, in the center of the Schist Villages Network, with everything at hand.

 Old Village, on the left bank of the Zêzere, on the edge of the IC8 road, is a few kilometers away from Pedrógão Grande and the Cabril Dam. Of its patrimony stands out the Mother Church and the Philippine Bridge on the Zêzere River. In schist lands there is a Pedrógão - outcropping of granite - that gave stone to the masonry of doors and windows, although the schist is the predominant building material.

 In Pedrógão Pequeno the schist hides under plasters targets. When the philharmonic band comes to play, the streets fill up and come to mind the 50’s decade, when the workers who built the Cabril Dam came to the village.

 The Hotel da Montanha stands out for being part of two pedestrian routes: the Eagle Owl Route and the Zêzere Route.

 In Monte da Senhora da Confiança you will find a natural lookout over the dam, whose view you do not want to miss.

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Download the Eagle Owl Route (PDF)

Download the Zêzere Route (PDF)

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