Zêzere Trail

PR 2 "Zêzere Trail"

Pedrógão Pequeno Schist Trail II


The PR2 "Trilho do Zêzere" is a circular route that starts and ends at the Municipal Market of Pedrógão Pequeno.

This route will take you along a Roman road, the only land route existing until 1954 to connect the banks of the Zêzere river, flanked by a forest heritage rich in cork oaks that inhabit the magnificent granite cliffs located next to Ribeira dos Porteleiros.

You can also see the Filipina Bridge dating from the 17th century, which is currently the calling card of Pedrógão Pequeno, where you can enjoy several viewpoints, as well as rest areas.

Along this route you will also pass through the Levada Trail, crossing the tunnel of Moinho das Freiras, a place with a landscape of extraordinary beauty.


Route Technical Sheet

Route Type
Pedestrian PR (circular)
Departure Point / Arrival Point
Municipal Market of Pedrógão Pequeno - 39°54'9.22"N 8° 7'51.56"W
7 km
3 am
Accumulated unevenness
396 m
Maximum Altitude
Minimum Altitude
179 m
Difficulty level
Level 2 - Easy

The route can be taken at any time of the year, with its users having to be especially careful with the heat in the summer season.

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