Shepherds and Lajeira Route

PR 5 "Shepherds and Lajeira Route"

Ermida and Figueiredo Schist Path


The PR5 "Shepherds and Lajeira Route", is a circular route, starting at the building of the Primary School of Relvas or at the Largo da Igreja do Figueiredo.

This route is quite interesting, both in terms of landscape and in historical terms, having the opportunity to visit two archaeological stations on the same route: the Rock Art Station of Lajeira (archaeosite chronologically marked between the Bronze Age and the Iron Age) and the rock art station of Fechadura (chronologically marked archaeosite between the Chalcolithic and the Iron Age).


Route Technical Sheet

Route Type
Pedestrian PR (circular with variant)
Departure Point / Arrival Point
Grass Basic School - 39°50'10.97''N 7°59'8.54''W
13.5 km
Accumulated unevenness
703 m
Maximum Altitude
916 m
Minimum Altitude
587 m
Difficulty level
Level 4 - Difficult


The route can be taken at any time of the year, with its users having to be especially careful with the heat in the summer season.

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Route Leaflet PR5 "Shepherds and Lajeira Route"