Celinda's Route

PR 7 "Celinda's Route"

Sertã y Camino de Esquisto Troviscal


The PR7 "Celinda's Route" is a linear route, passing through the parishes of Sertã and Troviscal, where the landscape of the banks of the Ribeira da Sertã and typical elements of rural life predominate.

Along the way, we can come into contact with a wide variety of species of fauna and flora.


Route Technical Sheet

Route Type
Pedestrian PR (linear)
Departure Point / Arrival Point
Troviscal River Beach - 39°51'36.28"N 8° 0'28.62"W
Arrival Point
Sertã (Recreation Area on the Banks of Ribeira) - 39°48'7.10"N 8° 5'55.73"W
21.5 km
7 am
Accumulated unevenness
484m D+; 610m D- (From Troviscal to Sertã)
Maximum Altitude
430 m
Minimum Altitude
Difficulty level
Level 3 - Medium


The route can be taken at any time of the year, with its users having to be especially careful with the heat in the summer season. However, it is not recommended, especially during periods of heavy rainfall.

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Route Leaflet PR7 "Rota da Celinda"