In order to taste and smell the wonders of the region we offer you a wide variety of food and beverage facilities.

Our main Restaurant “Sabores da Montanha” serves the regions famous traditional cuisine with a modern touch, making it a wonderful blend of unique and healthy food to delight your senses. The panoramic view in the restaurant will turn your meal into a magical experience.

Next to our Restaurant “Sabores da Montanha” we also welcome you to enjoy our food and beverage in the following locations:

- Bar da Montanha
Near the restaurant

- Bar dos Sentidos
Near the pool enjoy the pleasure of our magnificent around view that will awake all youe sences

- Espaço Tisana
Near the reception ask for a tea and delighted in a refreshing moment

To complete your sense of well-being, all our food and beverage facilities provide you with a wide offer of dietetic dishes and teas of the world.

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